A Science Fiction Convention

Au Contraire: Bridging Enthusiasts All Over The Science Fiction Fandom

Science Fiction (SF or SciFi) has drawn a high number of following from all walks of life throughout the world. This shared interest among fans is the main reason why we gather each year in one place to celebrate our love for Science Fiction.

Year after year, Au Contraire is growing its members and followers making it the top resource for anything SciFi. Most of all, we organize the annual Au Contraire Science Fiction Convention, which is the highlight of everything we do for the SF fandom.

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Au Contraire is one of the best SF conventions in the world because of the passionate help of volunteers and avid supporters of SF. Their tireless and valuable contribution makes the assembly unique, interactive, and exciting.

The conference is open to newbies and grandmasters on the field of SciFi. It offers a vast network for all the fans to discuss their interests and keep themselves abreast with the latest on Science Fiction.

You can join us simply by visiting our website or better yet sign-up and be a full-pledge member. Come and satisfy your Science Fiction fix here at Au Contraire.

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